Bet At Home At USA Online Sportsbooks In 2014

A guide to betting at home at online sportsbooks, bookmakers, bookies and horse betting sites that accepting USA citizens in March, 2018.


bet at home online - top US sportsbooks on the Internet - guide to real money horse and sports betting from home

bet at home online usa 2014Last updated on March 17th, 2018 - Millions of Americans and sports fans from around the world use the Internet to place real money bets at home. You can easily bet at home at online sportsbooks that accept USA citizens in March, 2018 . Online sports betting sites offer incentives that personal bookies and offline bookmakers cannot compete with. Many of Americans place wagers with friends, family members and join workplace sports betting pools. That is all fine and good but savvy sports bettors look to the Internet when they want to place horse and sports bets. You can bet on anything from home online. Some US sportsbooks accept wagers on everything from NFL football games to election results to who will win a certain reality TV show contest. Americans wager hundreds of millions of dollars on NFL football from home at Internet sports books in March of 2018 . will help you get started. The first step to learning how to bet at home on sports online is picking an online sportsbook that accepts USA citizens, if you are an America. There are a few dozen US sportsbooks on the Internet in 2014 but they vary in quality and trustworthiness in the same way that restaurants or any other businesses do. More people bet at home at the Bodog and Bovada sportsbooks in 2014 than any other Internet sports betting site. The Bovada sportsbook is for Americans and everyone else will place their bets at Bodog.

They have the same betting platform, features and support but one is open to Americans and the other is not. Separating U.S. and European bettors was a smart move because there are some major differences between how we wager and what we wager on. If you are not from the USA you can still click out link to Bovada and claim our exclusive bonus. They will simply re-route you to Bodog. The five USA friendly online sportsbooks in 2014 listed below enable you to place bets at home in several different ways. You can use your computer at home to visit their web sites, sign up and start placing bets that way or you can place sports and horse bets at home via telephone. You can also place bets at home, or from anywhere, using a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device. These US sportsbooks have the fastest payout speeds for Americans, which is partially why they are the largest and most popular places to bet at home in the USA online in 2014.

Americans can easily use Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Moneygram, Western Union, bank wires and a handful of other funding methods to deposit money into their accounts. When you want to collect your winnings you can request a money transfer payouts via MG or WU and have the cash placed in your hand within a few days on average. You can also request a check withdrawal and they will use a fast delivery service, like UPS, Fedex and DHL, to send your money. This method usually takes 3-7 days from start to finish. Bank wires are also an option at some US books. Some can even credit the money directly into your bank account through your debit or credit card. If you want to bet at home for real money online you will receive bonuses and other incentives when you make your first deposit. Just use a link on this site to visit the sportsbook's web site, sign up and visit their "Promotions" page to learn how to claim our exclusive bonuses, rebates and free sports bets in 2014.

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Arguments in favor of online betting - why betting online at US sportsbooks is better than offline sports & horse wagering in March, 2018

bet at home online legally in the usaSports betting is not exactly a new thing, but the industry has changed a great deal, since Internet gambling came along. Many of those who used to rely on regular sports books were tempted to make the transition to online betting and only a fraction of them are still relying on traditional bookies. Americans are also big fans of betting on sports, but unlike their European counterparts, they need to deal with unfavorable legislation and need a little aid in finding the best USA online sports books.

In order to make an educated decision, prospective sports bettors need to know both the pros and cons of online betting at home in the USA. The advantages are more numerous, which comes as no surprise, since so many people prefer to place their wagers over the Internet. One of the main reasons for why players choose to bet at home is that they donít have to pay any commissions and they enjoy unmatched convenience. Betting online is greatly simplified by the user friendly interface of major sportsbooks and players can wager on individual events for at several matches on the same betting slip. There is no commission charged and those who are successful donít have to worry about paying a tax on their profits. Furthermore, the online sportsbooks open to Americans offer generous first deposit bonuses and run promotions throughout the year, therefore presenting members with great opportunities of boosting their bankroll.

Better odds when you bet at home - Online sportsbooks for USA citizens have better lines and odds

At the end of the day, the most important thing for those who plan on making a successful career in sports betting is to benefit from top odds. USA online sportsbooks usually offer better odds than their land-based counterparts, because they can afford to do it. They donít have to pay rent and their operational costs are significantly lower, so there is no reason for them to be cagey. All that players need to do is to find value in those odds, instead of simply betting the favorites all the time. This is something that comes in time and the fact that you can easily find information over the Internet makes online betting not only convenient but also more profitable. Furthermore, those who donít hesitate to add more matches on the same betting slip are usually reworded by the sports book with better odds and small bonuses.

fully legal USA betting on the internet in March, 2018 - Americans can place real money bets on the internet from home in March, 2018

American sports bettors should know that even though the legislation is unfavorable and most states prohibit online gambling, greyhound and horse races are the exceptions. It is perfectly legal to wager on these competitions, which explains why so many sportsbooks have their offer revolving around these races. Players are not limited to a handful of competitions that take place within borders, even though there would be enough races in the United States alone to keep players wired. Fans of the genre, will get to bet at home on international competitions and the odds are just as generous.